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2024 Tournament Rules and Regulations

1. Rules:  State regulations have precedent. The tournament director and/or committee will interpret

the following rules. All decisions are final.

2. Eligibility:  You must be a member of OKC Team Fishing Trail or a substitute for an existing team

member to compete. Participation is open to anyone who is 18 years or older. Any person entering a

tournament under the age of 18 must also have the signature of his/her parent or legal guardian on the

membership form

3. Entry Fees:  Entry fee for 2024 tournaments are $100 for single day tourneys and $150 for the 2 day Championship. Fees are to be paid by the Friday at 5 PM.  The Friday before the official tournament date by Pay Pal only.   In the event of a tournament cancellation all

entry fees will be refunded. If a tournament is canceled from weather, the event will be rescheduled.

*Fees are subject to change before each season**

4. Departure and Return: The tournament will start at the designated Take-Off time and weigh in will be

posted for each tournament. One member from each team will check in and draw for their take off

position on the morning of the tournament 15 minutes prior to take off time.

5. Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial baits or lures may be used. Pork-Style baits are allowed. No

trolling with the big motor. All fish must be caught with rod and reel.

6. Permitted Fishing Locations:  Anywhere on the tournament lake that is within state law or specifically

stated by the director will be off limits. Exception: All commercial lake marinas are off limits if the

marina has a gas pump. You must keep 50 yards from any anglers anchored boat and a distance of 25

yards on any non-anchored boat unless with their permission. Fishing is allowed from boat only and you

may not leave your boat in order to enter shallow water areas or to retrieve a fish.

7. Boats & Motors:  Any legal boat 10 feet or longer may be used in the tournament. There is no

minimum horsepower requirement. Every boat must have a working livewell. In 2018 OKC Team

Fishing Trail will require all boaters carry a minimum of liability insurance while participating in

tournament events.

8. Safety & Sportsmanship: All state and local laws are enforced. Life jackets must be worn when boat

is on plane. Running lights must be used in accordance with State Law. Any violation will result in


9. Fishing Alone: Anglers may elect to fish without a partner.

10. Ties: In the case of a tie the winner will be the team with the most fish. If both teams have the

same number of fish, the team with the heaviest fish will be the winner. Big Bass ties will be broken by

most fish, then by the heaviest stringer.

11. Substitutions: Teams may use their designated substitute in any event.

12. Protest: Any protest must be in writing and filed with tournament officials by the end of the weigh


13. No Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed during tournament hours.

14. Tournament Procedures: At weigh-in an official weigh in bag will be furnished for your fish. No

baskets, stringers, or nets may be used to transport fish. You must use the tournament trail bags. Do

not bring your own to the scales.

15. Late Penalty: You must have your take off number chip in the bucket by check in time or you will be

considered late.1 pound per minute. After 10 minutes the teams weight will be disqualified for that day.

16. Culling fish: Culling fish is allowed. Culling dead fish is NOT allowed.

17. Scoring Length Limits: All limits will be 14" on all approved species of bass. (Largemouth, Spotted,

and Smallmouth) unless stated by each individual lake. All lake-specific slots and limits will be

recognized during each tournament. 

18. 5 fish limit per team. Bass measurement will be with the mouth closed and tail pinched per state

regulation. Short fish or slot fish will result in a two pound penalty and loss of fish. Dead fish will result

in a 1 pound penalty with only 1 dead fish allowed per team per weigh in. Total stringer weight per

team will determine tournament rank. ( Okemah has a 4 fish limit)

19. Championship: Teams must fish in at least 4 of the 5 tournaments to qualify for the Championship.

Payment of entry fee denotes fishing in a tournament.


20. Anglers of the year: The team with the most points at the end of the regular season will be awarded

AOY. Championship is not included in the points race. To be eligible for the award a team must fish in

at least 4 tournaments and the Championship.

21. Point System: 1st place=100 points plus the tournament weight. 2nd place =99 points plus the

tournament weight. No entry =0 points. Ties per the tournament will receive the same points. Ties for

AOY will result in a fish-off at a lake selected by the Tournament Director.

22. Returning teams that wish to have their spot reserved for the next season by Dec.31 of each

tournament year must fish (or pay entry) 4 out of the 5 regular season tournaments. If you do not fish

the required amount your spot for the next season will not be held and you will have to wait until the

open registration begins.

23. Dead Water time: Boats must be off the water by 6pm the day before a tournament

24. Payout schedule: 100% of entry fees will be paid out for the season.  1 place  per 7 boats that have entered will be paid each tournament.  

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